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Looking for clean and full oysters with an excellent flavor profile? Triple N Oysters fit the bill!

Triple N Oysters

PRICING:  While most of our sales are direct to restaurants we also make our oysters available directly to consumers. There are two ways to buy oysters from us: 1- orders can be picked up directly from the farm in Grand Isle, LA or 2- orders can be delivered directly to you for a fee.


Triple N oysters cost $1 a piece.   

If you're an oyster lover you absolutely have to give these a try!  Awesome eating 12 months a year.  These oysters are specially bred to stay fat and juicy all year long.  In fact, Triple N Oysters are sterile, just like seedless watermelons they don't waste any of their precious resources reproducing!  Hosting a party?  Coorporate event?  Or just love oysters?  Call for more information.

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